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Facial Mask

Cucumber Extract Series Hair/Skin Care Products for OEM/ODM Service

Cucumber Extract Series Hair/Skin Products for OEM/ODM Service
Cucumber Extract Facial Mask:
Cucumber Facial Mask Brightening • Cooling cucumber extract refreshes and revitalizes skin. • Vitamin E • Collagen

Cucumber Extract Body Butter Cream:
Easy to use & deep moisturizing. The scent is light and not overpowering so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the smell like many other body lotions.

Cucumber Extract l Extract Shampoo:
A very gentle shampoo gives an exceptional shine and adds a silky touch and a sensual Cucumber Extract scent to your hair.

Cucumber Extract Conditioner:
Infused with white Cucumber Extract and leaves hair soft, smoothing and more luxurious conditioning.
Cucumber Extract   Instant Repairing Mask:
Contains Cucumber Extract Essence, offer instant and deep nutritive treatment for the hair. Leave the hair silky smoothing  shining.